T-Shirt Logo Competition

Greetings Earthlings! Do you want to showcase your artistic talent, all the while making a few extra shillings - well here's your chance!     

           Enter into Jubel’s merchandise design competition – with the winner being granted $75 cash prize! As well as free granola and the t-shirt! 

Know of any friends that are great artist ? Tell them about the competition!

Contest Details

- Participants have full range on how you would like to design the T-Shirt.
   Keep in mind our name Jubel, which is German for Joy and Happiness, and our  slogan "keeping the morning light."  Along, with our mission: to create products that make it easy for people to choose a healthier and sustainable future. 
-Participants can create a design for the front, the back, or the sleeve. Just let us know where you want each design when you submit them.   
-Participants can use as many colors as you please in the design. 
-Participants can recommend shirt color. 
-Contest ends Feb. 1, 2021
- Participants can hand draw your design or use applications like Adobe Illustrator to design the t-shirt.

Submit Design

-Send your photos or drawings to our email: jubel.foodandbeverage.co@gmail.com or send a text to 
-Submissions must be sent in by Monday, February 1 by midnight.  

-If you have any questions please email or text us. 

The Winner

-the winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 3. 

The Reward

- 3 free bags of granola

- the designed t-shirt

-$75 cash prize  

Partner : Print Natural

We will be partnering with Print Natural in order to provide sustainable fashion for our customers. Print Natural specializes in eco-friendly screen printing on fair trade, organic, t-shirts.

-No harmful inks or chemicals

-Instead they use vegan organic water-based ink

-They offer a variety of ethically produced, fair trade cotton, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled apparel ( to be determined which material will be used). If you have suggestions, let us know! 

Disclaimer: The winning submission design may be adjusted in the process of merchandise creation. 

Contact: Have any questions?

Email: Jubel.foodandbeverage.co@gmail.com

Phone: 216-406-7953