About Us

The creation of Jubel is a story that has been slowly brought to fruition. It started just a few years back during the winter of 2015 when the Sullivan family showed their gratitude to their family and friends by gifting a healthy snack of homemade granola and yogurt.

The feedback was strong and positive and people loved the ease of having some crunchy, tasty granola and yogurt in the morning. However, soon all the goodies were all eaten up and the holiday season had come and gone. The thought of having to wait a whole year for another tasty delight became unthinkable. So, family and friends started pressing them to start selling the granola, in order for it be available all year round. Finally, after a couple of years of contemplating the idea, Jubel has been created.

We are just putting the pen to the paper and starting to write our story. Starting with our name Jubel (Ju-bell) which is German for Joy and Happiness. We hope to spark a smile on your face whenever you see our products. We like to start the day off light. That's why we have created a granola recipe that is packed with superfoods, to give you crisp clean energy to get your feet moving in the morning.

As a new company, that is selling a product. We recognize our impact on the environment. In order to keep our carbon footprint low, we first start with sourcing our ingredients. As of now, our Maple Syrup and Organic Oats are bought from Stutzman's Farm in Ohio, limiting the distance the food has to travel before it arrives in your home. We are currently packaging our granola in reusable bags and encourage you to reuse the bags for storing other tasty snacks. As we grow and evolve, will continue to strive to decrease our carbon footprint through the way we produce and sell our product.    

Please feel free to reach out to us for any suggestions or inquiries that you might have. We appreciate all your support.

Jubel's Mission: to create products that make it easy for people to choose a healthier and sustainable future.